Multi Storey Apartment Building

What we will do for you as a property buyer in Israel

  • We will study your specific requirements related to the area of ​​residence where you would like to live as well as your expectations from the property.

  • Once we do an in-depth market research for you we will offer you a number of properties that can match your expectations.

  • Once you have decided on a potential property that can suit you, we will help you negotiate the purchase of the property with the owner, after we have thoroughly examined the legal status of the property.

  • We will offer you legal assistance involved in preparing the purchase contract and help you understand and know the small nuances associated with the contract.

  • We will accompany you in the process related to the registration of the property in the tax register and the payment of the tax involved in the purchase transaction.

  • We will help you find suitable professionals with experience in case the property needs renovation.

  • We will take care of finding cleaning services for the property.

  • We will help you deal with the municipality in everything related to property taxes and water taxes.

  • We will help you deal with the electricity company in everything related to the electricity bill.

What problems can we solve for you?

As a new immigrant or new investor in Israel, it is likely that you have no experience in the Israeli real estate market and therefore we will help you in the following areas:

  • Understanding and knowledge about the location of the property, and information about the area and how all this can affect the price.

  • Lack of time on your part to find properties that meet your expectations.

  • Ability to deal with real estate agents who will offer you properties but will act in their interest and not in your own interest.

  • Ability and understanding of how to properly conduct negotiations with the seller of the property you would like to purchase.

  • If you are still abroad, we can represent you in Israel in all aspects related to the purchase
    of the property.

Enter to your property without worries

After purchasing the property, we will take care of the small details that will allow you to live in the apartment peacefully without worries and according to your dreams.

We will make sure to bring in the necessary professionals so that the property will be useful and convenient for you without unnecessary headaches on your part.  

We will accompany you on all issues related to a smooth and quiet entry to the property and this includes:

  • Design, renovation and furnishing of the property according to your requirements.

  • Arranging a telephone and Internet line.

  • Connection to a cable and TV company.

  • Repair of electrical, air conditioning and plumbing problems if any.

  • Cleaning of the property before entry.

  • Property insurance.

  • Assistance in registering the property with the municipal authority for the purpose of
    charging property taxes and water.


  • Assistance in registering the property with the electricity company for the purpose of receiving electricity charges.